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Greta Fieweger - Book Artist

Greta Fieweger is a book artist and art director currently based in Chicago, Illinois.

Award-winning designer/art director with a passion for thoughtful and beautiful design processes. I tackle creative problems quickly and effectively in a fast-paced marketing landscape while maintaining deep thought, passionate research, and skill. I thrive on collaboration and connection, and am happiest while diving into a new skill, process or project.


Hiring managers and prospective clients may find my full resume here.

I am a 2021 graduate from Reed College in Portland, Oregon, where I first became enamored with the artists' books and completed a theory & fine art thesis in the genre.


I continued her exploration on a 3-month study learning from the technical mastery of several German book artists in Leipzig, Halle, and Berlin. My artwork explores materiality, process, and the intimacies within them.




Blackfish Gallery Lawrence Duckler New Arts Award

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